Perfect for the production of energy at variable speed (from wind, from “screw” turbines, etc…), they have the following main characteristics:

– permanent magnet rotor in “rare earth” Nd-Fe-B;

– no excitation winding, no carbon brush, no sliding ring;

– simple, reliable, durable and maintenance-free structure;

– multipolar design, for better frequency efficiency of rectifiers and inverters;

– can replace asynchronous motors;

– insulation class H, vacuum impregnation;

– with SKF bearings;

– power factor close to 1, no need for power factor compensation;

– low heat production, additional fan or water cooling in larger units;

– lifespan > 20 years, continuous operation;

– high efficiency, energy saving.

– patented “Precise Coil” technology: thanks to this recent technology, hysteresis is avoided by obtaining a very low starting torque (<1nm);

– original structure: very compact design;

– perfect for low-speed applications, no gearbox needed, direct transmission;

– high quality components for use in extreme environments;

– low energy loss, low mechanical strength, high efficiency;

– high heat dissipation due to aluminum alloy exterior case and special internal structure.