A battery type for every energy storage requirement, from vehicles starting to off-grid system ones

FT VRLA Battery


With Front access Terminal batteries, it is easy to install and taking voltage readings during service or maintenance. This series offers high reliability and delivers superior performance while occupying less space with increased energy density. These batteries are specifically designed for the unique demands of telecommunications, UPS and other backup power stationery applications.

GEL VRLA Battery

The GEL  series batteries are designed to offer reliable and maintenance free, back up power for renewable energy applications, where frequents deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable. We offer GEL valve regulated and absorbed valve regulated technologies, to fit all your solar applications. Gelled thixotropic electrolyte, low self discharge. Good tolerance to higher and lower temperature applications. 

GS VRLA Battery


GS series valve regulated lead acid batteries are designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, high performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output. Long life and low self-discharge rate with no leakage are the main features.


GM VRLA Battery

GM series batteries starts from 12V33Ah to 12V200Ah. Features flame-arresting capabilities and one way pressure-relief vent, for safety and long-life span. With the “AGM” technology is possible reach very efficient gas recombination (up to 99%), free from electrolyte maintenance. This series show a thermally welded case-to-cover bond to eliminate any leak.


LS 2V VRLA Battery


The 2V LS range of VRLA batteries offers outstanding performance including more than 15 years design life and a cycle life that exceed 1200 cycles to 80% DOD. Built to the highest standards and compliant with latest IEC60896-21/22 Standards.



Deep Cycle series batteries are designed for deep discharge applications, adopting different alloy components and special additive to make it enjoy more cyclic lifetime. Special design assures high discharge rate and high power output.