Portable Solar Generator 1000 Watt - PSG 1000

The Portable Solar Generator PSG 1000 Watt is a cutting-edge device just entered the market, but it has already aroused considerable interest. The PSG 1000 is a 1000 Watt power station designed to offer a portable and sustainable energy solution.

Among the distinctive features of the PSG 1000:

– Versatile charging and portable power: The PSG 1000 comes with a dual charging mode. It can be powered via the classic 220 V socket, offering flexibility of use in any environment. Alternatively, its compatibility with portable and foldable solar panels allows you to get “free” energy in a sustainable way, making it ideal for outdoor situations or in places where traditional electricity may not be easily accessible. It is therefore ideal for use in camping, boat, outdoor activities. The robust aluminium body and the impact-resistant profiles make it a professional product that also meets the requirements of the craftsman and the self-employed.

– Quality certifications: the PSG 1000 has obtained the certifications required by the European market by passing all the tests carried out at a qualified Italian laboratory. This not only confirms the quality of the product, but allows us to offer a higher level of safety and reliability to our customers.

– Direct sale by Italian company: the PSG 1000 is sold directly by EnergTrade, the trademark of the historic Piedmontese company Ghiggia S.r.l., committed for over twenty years to offer high quality products. This allows us to ensure a high standard of communication and to offer additional benefits in terms of warranty and after-sales service.

We believe that the PSG 1000 can be an excellent solution for your portable power needs.

Ask us for a quote: we will be happy to further explain how this innovative technology could be integrated into your projects or made available to your customers.