Permanent magnet – GDF Series

Permanent Magnet

Perfect for variable speed energy production (by wind, by “screw” turbines, etc…), had the following main characteristics:   Rare earth Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet rotor; No excitation windings, no carbon brushes, no slips rings, no need for gearbox; Simple structure, reliable, durable and maintenance free; Multi poles design, for improved frequency efficiency of rectifiers and inverters; […]

Permanent magnet – GDG Series

GDG series

Special Permanent Motor Design perfect for vertical axis wind turbines, with the following main characteristics : Torque patent technology: thanks to the newest “Precise Coil” technology, no hysteresis and very low starting torque (<1Nm); Original structure: very compact design; Perfect for low speed applications, no gearbox needed, direct drive; High standard quality components, for use […]